Pastor's Newsletter OCT 2017

Dear Church family,

We look forward to this month of October at the Rock Port Baptist Church with the special fall season and activities coming soon.

Make a special effort to support our 8th annual women’s retreat Sunday October 8.

I will plan to attend the Association meeting Sunday October 15 in Maryville.  And I look forward to attending the Pastor’s Conference in Raytown Monday October 23.

Each time we gather may we be reminded of our need for others and may we bring something to share from what God has provided us.

Please take a moment to read the article found in this newsletter by Anne Graham Lotz.   It is so special and so helpful as we face the challenge of large catastrophes and try to minister in Jesus’ name to those who are hurting.  You can also find the article online at

As we continue in our Bible study of 1 Corinthians take a moment with me to review what we have already studied since August 6:

  1.  Corinthians for Today (1:1-9)
  2.  Unity is Essential (1:10-17)
  3.  Consider Your Calling/Salvation (1:18-31)
  4.  Speaking as a Witness for Jesus, part 1 (2:1-8)
  5.  Speaking as a Witness for Jesus, part 2 (2:9-16)
  6.  Problems with a Growing Church (3:1-15)
  7.  Potential of a Growing Church (3:16-23)
  8.  Instruction for Church Leaders (4:1-21)

When we look to the Word of God we find strength to move forward.  Sometimes we find correction and challenge.  There has been some of both for me in this study thus far.  I can see needs in some of our lives as you share with me your circumstances and concerns.  I am reminded to teach prayerfully and lovingly

Thanks for your support, and may we reach out together in Rock Port for Jesus as His Church

With You in the Lord’s service,

Richard Boettner, pastor

  April 2020  
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