Pastor's Newsletter NOV 2017

Dear Church family,

What a beautiful fall season we have already enjoyed in the Rock Port area, and it’s not over yet. As we enter the month of November I am especially mindful to keep praying for our farmers who are in the middle of harvesting as I write .

For our church we were blessed with a wonderful women’s fall luncheon October 8. I attended the Association meeting October 15 in Maryville, and the Missouri Baptist Convention Pastor’s Conference October 23 in Raytown.

All of these events have been refreshing for me in my personal walk with the Lord, and a blessing for others as well. I especially feel blessed by the preaching and worship times at Connection Point Church in Raytown, where the Pastor’s conference was held.

A couple of thoughts stand out to me:

1. When I minister, I need to be praying in advance, and seeking the fullness of the Holy Spirit.

2. In our communities as a whole, and Rock Port is no exception, our most critical focus should be on reaching young people for Christ. Messages were shared that recognizes the trend of young people to abandon the church in greater numbers, with what is working and what is not working.

Let us be diligent to keep loving, to keep relationships in place, and to keep seeking the growth God wants to give us.

Let us also be creative and confident to try some new things in the days ahead. In that regard I felt confirmation as I listened to speakers that my time in Maryville at the high school needs to finish after this year and I need to put more focus on Rock Port with my time.

We will continue to acknowledge the Lord in all our ways, and see Him provide the straight paths we need to do His will and to fulfill His calling.

With You in the Lord’s service,

Richard Boettner, pastor

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