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Pastor's Newsletter NOV 2016

Dear Church Family,

What a wonderful fall season we are having, and I feel a special blessing to be serving with our church this past month as well.  We have seen strong and blessed services each Sunday morning during October.  The women’s luncheon and retreat October 9 was well attended and supported.  Giving was sufficient to meet our needs from July through September. 

In the fields the harvest has moved along well and we enter this month of November with grateful hearts.  There has been some hardship this time around and we will always be in prayer each Sunday for needs as we gather in worship.

In the midst of a busy life and many activities, I found special refreshment in attending the Missouri Baptist Church Pastor’s Conference Monday October 24, although this year my seat was at my home office watching the computer via Live Stream.  I decided the trip to St Charles to attend in person was just too much for my schedule. 

Long time MBC evangelist Roger Alford opened the morning with a topical message entitled “Why I Am Voting for Jesus Christ for President”. That set the tone for the day for sure. I hope to obtain a copy of the video soon, and was blessed to see his somewhat humorous but thoroughly Biblical presentation ease some of the tension we feel from a dark and dismal presidential campaign, as well as renew our hearts to fix our eyes on Jesus who is the only One worthy of our lives.

Sometimes busy-ness suggests a life of purpose and meaning, but the real touch of God can only be found in His presence and with His people in the church, as we seek Him through prayer and His Word. That is what takes the ordinary and makes it extra-ordinary, the natural and makes it supernatural, the mundane and makes it an act of worship to the glory of God.

During November we will finish the book of Galatians, and take a break for Thanksgiving services on November 20.  That day will include a Thanksgiving message for morning service, and a community service at 2 PM at our church.

November 27 will be the beginning of the Advent and Christmas season.  I will be teaching from Colossians 1 with a series of messages for that time entitled God’s Greatest Gift: Jesus Christ the Son of God.  As you plan for Christmas with your family this year, make a special note that we will have a Christmas Eve candlelight service and then Christmas Day worship only (no Sunday school) on Sunday December 25 at 10:00 AM.  There will be more details on this in next month’s newsletter.

With you in the Lord’s service,

Richard Boettner, pastor