Pastor's Newsletter JUL 2017

Dear Church Family,

It is wonderful to be writing here at the end of June to prepare for July at our church.

The midway point of the summer is coming soon with the 4th of July and I expect most of us already have plans to travel and to be with family.

It is fitting to give thanks for the successful community Vacation Bible School we shared this past month.   For ongoing  ministry as we shared at the nursing home June 11.  For special presentations for Father’s Day and from the Baptist Student Union.  And we also had a good time studying the Bible with our summer women’s study.  We have supported the BSU with a planned building addition later this summer, and even this week have our New Life Association children and youth at Grand Oaks Camp.

God is on the move, Hallelujah!

I am looking forward to finishing the book of Hebrews during July and will post a list of titles in the August newsletter.  We will also dive into a few character studies from Hebrews 11 including Abraham, Jacob/Joseph, and Moses.  We will see why each of these guys from the Old Testament points us to Jesus and helps us to live a complete faith today as well.

On the farm front we are grateful for recent rains after a dry spell early in June and another week without rain in mid June.  We continue to live by faith, labor by faith, and accept God’s blessings and discipline by faith as well. 

Bing and I were grateful to make a school trip June 18-24 to Louisville Kentucky and it was a blessing for us to work on this time with students together.  All presented well and received some awards at the national level.  I find it challenging to see God use His Word in my study and meditation as we travel and labor in an education setting.

I also felt a good confirmation from the Lord to continue serving as your pastor for this next year 2017-18.  We have no process in place except mutual agreement by the local church for this to take place, so I will appreciate your affirmation or concerns especially at this times so that we may move forward united and confident.  This should enable us to have secure plans through May 2018, while we are also remembering that it is the Lord’s purpose that will prevail.     

With you in the Lord’s service, 

Richard Boettner, pastor

  April 2020  
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