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Newsletter SEP 2016

Dear Church Family,

As we prepare for the month of September I am very excited about the services we have been having and the study we have already begun in Galatians during the month of August. It is wonderful to have people back in services from all the summer travels and family visits, and we look forward to a time of growth this fall season in our community.  I love to hear about your experiences and share your joys as well as struggles.

We are holding on to Galatians 3:29 as our key verse which reads:

     “If you belong to Christ, then you are Abraham’s seed, and heirs according to the promise”

             (Galatians 3:29)

There are many themes and applications we can and will consider as we study the book of Galatians.  But I especially like this verse that reminds us, as believers in Christ during the Church age, we can receive all that God has promised us, even from the days of the Old Testament.  The work of Christ is sufficient and complete, and there is nothing we need to add to it to be saved.  Yet, there is still calling and service being worked out and lived out today through the promises of God. This calls us to a life of faith, and the “righteous shall live by faith”  (Galatians 3:11)

Please note our focus on the Missouri Mission Offering for September.  I am blessed with our church giving to missions over the past few years, as we have met every goal and given even more.   Just this past week I read about relief efforts in the flooded areas of Louisiana from the North America Mission Board.  In the regular news media we hear about all the bad stuff, but since day one Baptists have been there with relief supplies and 4 mobile kitchens which can feed up to 40,000 people a day. We are there with our support in the name of Jesus, and let us pray that people will seek Him as their Lord and Savior as they see loving Christians help them with real physical needs during a time of crisis and loss.

We are also planning a women’s retreat for Sunday October 9 after the morning worship.  Our planned speaker is Chris Jeppesen who is a widow and mother of two grown children.  She is a native of Iowa and now resides in the Kansas City area. She plans to bring a message for us about The Seasons of Life.  We will have more information on this in the weeks ahead.

For about a month now we have been online with a church website.  If you haven’t done so already, check us out at www.rockportbaptistchurch.com  I have included some photos from our mission trip to Chicago.  There is also an info tab which I will keep updated for each week’s outline of Galatians.  There is even a new Scripture verse each day and the current weather for Rock Port.  If you have items to add to the website, let me know.

With you in the Lord’s service,

Richard Boettner, pastor