Newsletter August 2019

Message from Pastor Richard


Dear Church family,


Greetings from Columbia!


I am glad to be here with Bing for a couple of days as she once again participates in new teacher training for the State of Missouri. I am trying to get in some refreshment time and sort of an annual working vacation of some sorts. It is going okay.


The month of July has been meaningful for us as a church family. Our attendance and participation in worship services has been strong and I don’t at all feel a “summer slump” that some churches report during this time. If anything, it has been a time of growth and stable reinforcement. But we will also look forward to welcoming back some who have been traveling.


Our women’s Bible study concluded July 10 after 7 weeks of study with the book “Legacy”. Bing was pleased with the support and participation, and I was glad to have some Wednesdays during the summer where we could work together in ministry. It went by way too fast! Our community Vacation Bible School was a special time of sowing spiritually into the lives of our children. I was blessed by the cooperative spirit and exceptional teamwork demonstrated by all the workers. We have prepared our children to know God more and follow Jesus. Please note the details for both of these events in this newsletter.


As we continue in the book of Acts part 2 for this school year (chapters 15-28) beginning August 4, please join me in praying for us to grow and expand in ministry during this time.




Designated items for AUGUST: canned veggies & shampoo


June 30, 2019 - July 28, 2019

Average Worship Service Attendance: 36

Average Offering General Fund: $773.20

Building Fund: $200.00


Vacation Bible School: “The Mane Event”

Vacaton Bible School was July 22-26 at the Christian Church from 5:00 pm - 7:30 pm. RPBC volunteers were Lynn Hunter, Paula Mullins and Cindy Burton. RPBC children who attended were Avery, Ella and Audrie Meyerkorth and Jackson, Leah, Andrew and Eli Meyerkorth. The theme was “The Mane Event – Life is Wild, God is Good” accompanied by a Roar Some More Bible book based on the message that through everything in our lives, God is good. Average attendance was 38 children. After the 5:00 PM meal, a different Rock Port minister shared a message each evening, plus there were arts and crafts, singing, dancing, outdoor activities, creative games, and making new friends. Vacation Bible School concluded with a special presentation Friday evening 7:30-8:00 PM for th parents featured choreographed praise and worship songs.


Rock Port School Supplies Project is still in progress. School starts August 20th. Cards range from $20 to $58. Sixty school students are in need of assistance. Please contact Erika Daugherty at Rock Port UMC at 660-744-2101 for more information.


Pastor’s Letter Continued…


The feeding of God’s Word will enable us to grow in Christ and love others as He desires us to do.

I know this new school year will bring changes, and may we work together as one body with one mind and one spirit as we do so. Some will be serving in new roles and I pledge to provide space and patience to make whatever adjustments we need to make.

I do sense God’s call to continue as pastor for another year, and I appreciate the affirmation that as come during June and July as I have evaluated that call and received grace to move forward.

Thank you for your support and participation.

With you in the Lord’s service,

Richard Boettner, pastor

Happy Birthday to Leonard Jones August 3rd.


Prayer Requests


* Edith Bailey * Randy Francis * Vince Barnes* Nancy George * Our country & its leaders * Reed Gebhards * Steve Jones * Shirley Schoonover * Merry Bray * Harvey Soderholm family * Billie Smith * Dean & Shirley Mather * Kalynn Smith * Pat Cosby * Marty Addington * Doug Voegle * Sheila Griffin * Dale Faulkner * Hailee Lingerfelt * Pat Wessler * Mandy Herron * Curtis Elam* Ed & Renee Boyer * Leola Pankau * Teresa Cook * Rick Meyerkorth * Mina Hopkins * Gary Easley * Sharon Rosenbohm family * Holmes family * Vernie Greenley * Jay Hunter * Mike Nixon* Candice Cotton * John & Dorothy Knierim * Charles Garst * Ed Serrano * Lacie Shields * Mandy Herron * Janice Venrick

* Barb Gebhards * Erica Gladman (Brittany’s friend)* Reid Hunter * Kameron Wallace family * Those impacted by flooding and tornadoes


Garden for Daily Life

(Author Unknown)


PEAS. Plant 3 rows of peas: peas of mind, peas of heart, peas of soul.

SQUASH: Squash gossip, squash indifference, squash grumbling, squash selfishness.

LETTUCE: Lettuce be faithful, lettuce be kind, lettuce be patient, lettuce love one another.

TURNIPS: Turnip for meetings, turnip for service, turnip to help one another.

THYME: Make thyme for each other, thyme for family, thyme for friends.

Water freely with patience and cultivate love! You reap what you sow.



Womens’ Table Talk


Janet Davis writes from her book, My Worst Enemy, “Good Christian women have been taught for generations that it is rude to talk about oneself, much less to shine. It seems that there is a great deal of confusion in our Christian culture about pride and shining as well as hiding and humility. Though a healthy aversion to pride is a good thing, shining is not pride… Hiding is not humilty...” Janet goes on to say, “To be humble is to be aware of our human nature, its earthly physicality, dignity and limitations. It is definitely not to be invisible, a zero, or a negative number in the equation. Paul calls us to think highly and soberly of ourselves (Romans 12:3-8). And he follows that admonition up with a list of our gifts, instructing us to use them to their fullest and with passion. We are gifted and unique. We are limited and frail. Of course God is at work in us. Of course we would falter without Him. At the same time, it is a fallacy to believe that in acknowledging our human contributions and even our imparted glory as a critically important part of God’s divine work on earth, we are being prideful. God’s glory is not dimmed by our full and shining presence. God has invited us to partner with Him.”

* To contribute an article to Womens’ Table Talk, please email the church at


The Difference


I got up early one morning and rushed right into the day,

I had so much to accomplish that I didn’t have time to pray.


Problems just tumbled about me, and heavier came each task,

“Why doesn’t God help me?” I wondered,

He answered, “You didn’t ask.”


I wanted to see joy and beauty, but the day toiled on gray

and bleak,

I wondered why didn’t show me,

He said, “You didn’t seek.”


I tried to come into God’s presence; I used all my keys

to the lock,

God gently and lovingly chided, “My child, you didn’t knock.”


I woke up early this morning, and paused before

entering the day,

I had so much to accomplish that I had to take time to pray.



Ladies Bible Study


A Ladies Bible Study was led by Bing Boettner June 5 - July 10 based on the book “Legacy: How One Ordinary Life Can Make an Eternal Difference” by Jackie Green and Lauren Green McAfee. PowerPoint and video presentations accompanied the

study. A luncheon was held July 10 after the study concluded. Thank you to Bing for teaching this inspirational and

influential bible study and thanks to all who participated.





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