Pastor's Newsletter JAN 2017

Dear Church Family,

What a wonderful Advent and Christmas season we have shared together at the Rock Port Baptist Church.  I appreciate the support and teamwork that has been demonstrated as we serve together.

First, we were blessed with good services each Sunday and strong attendance.  A highlight was to share the children’s Superheros skit December 18.  What a new and creative way for us to share Jesus as our Savior.  As we sow God’s Word into the lives of our children we are preparing the next generation of servants in the Lord’s Church.  We don’t yet always know what that will mean for each one, but pray the kiddos will remember our church as a place where they experienced God’s love and a reverence for Jesus as Savior and Lord, until that decision becomes a personal one.

Some photos compliments of Kathy Jacobitz can be found on our website at:

Second, thanks to all who gave and prayed as we supported our international missionaries through the Lottie Moon Christmas Offering.  I believe our offering has exceeded our goal once again this year and will be mentioned by amount in this newsletter.

Finally, thanks to all who have responded to my teaching of Colossians 1 as we have lifted up Jesus in all His fullness: past, present, and future.  He will always be the Head of His church and we will seek to lift Him up so that in all things He might be preeminent.

Bing and I appreciate the Christmas gift that we have received from the Church in the amount of $800.  We need some time off this year and plan a few days of rest and relaxation as we break from school at least until January.

I often teach faith as a gift from God and rightly so.  Especially in a practical sense as we make decisions and pursue the work or calling God has for each of us.

But I was also blessed by an online article from  (Cindi McMenamin) which will be printed in this newsletter.  Please check out her website.   And yes, I am a Baptist pastor who is blessed by the teaching of women’s ministry!

It’s a practical discussion that I think will help each of us for the new year 2017, to check on the basic disciplines of maintaining a healthy and robust faith, sufficient to meet all of life’s unpredictable circumstances.  There are things we can do to grow in faith, so check out “7 Habits That Will Destroy Your Faith”.

Let us stay strong in God’s Word and grow together in Christ Jesus.

With you in the Lord’s service, 

Richard Boettner, pastor