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Bulletin Sep 8, 2019

                               Rock Port, MO
               “Growing Together in Christ Jesus”

  September 8, 2019   Sunday Morning Service   10:30 AM


 HYMN  “The Solid Rock”  No. 406 
  “They drank from the spiritual rock...Christ”- 1 Corinthians 10:4 NIV 
 OFFERING  “Precious Lord, Take My Hand” No. 456  
 “I am the Lord, who takes hold of your right hand” - Isaiah 41:13 NIV
 OFFERTORY                                               Lynn Hunter 

 PRAISE SONGS                Bing & Pastor Richard 

       “Let There Be Praise”
       “How Majestic”
 MESSAGE                                         Pastor Richard 

 HYMN  “Jesus Is Tenderly Calling”  No. 316 
 “The Teacher is...asking  for you” – John 11:28 NIV                 
                                                                 CLOSING HYMN  “God Be with You”               
 “The Parable of the Good Samaritan”   
                                                                          Luke 10:25-37

INVITATION  “Take Up Your Cross”   No. 494 
 “ He must deny himself and take up his cross and follow me” 
                           Matthew 16:24   NIV    

CLOSING HYMN   “God Be with You”    


             Rock Port Baptist Services

Sunday School  Bible Study for all ages at 9:30 AM.  
 Our Church Family welcomes you to our Sunday   
 morning teaching time. Classes begin at 9:30 AM 
 and end at 10:25 AM.  All ages are welcome.

Worship Service  10:30 AM 

Pianist Today……………………..…Lynn Hunter
Pianist Next Sunday…...……………Lynn Hunter

Food Pantry : Designated items for our church 
 to supply in September: canned meats, tooth
 brushes, toothpaste

The Food Pantry is low on: spinach, carrots, beets, 
tomatoes, potatoes, pancake mix, pasta, flour, sugar, cooking oil, pineapple, small canned hams, Spam, cake/brownie mix, pudding mix, cereal and dish soap. 


Prayer Concerns:   
* Edith Bailey * Randy Francis * Vince Barnes* Steve Jones 
* Our country & its leaders * Kathryn Hill * Reed Gebhards  
* Shirley Schoonover * Merry Bray * Ron Hunter * Carrol Pfeil family
* Billie Smith * Dean & Shirley Mather * Kalynn Smith * Paul Deatz 
* Gary Easley  * Pat Cosby * Marty Addington * Doug Voegle
* Hailee Lingerfelt * Ed & Renee Boyer * Leola Pankau * Mike Nixon 
* Rick Meyerkorth family* Mina Hopkins * Tom Gibson family
*Tom Beutler family * Vernie Greenley * Jenny Beutler
* John & Dorothy Knierim * Nancy George * Lacie Shields * Barb Gebhards * Janice Venrick * Linda Mackrill * Leonard Jones
* Sherry Gubser * Sharon Brown

On The Schedule  

Sep 11 - Patriot Day

Sep 15 - Early Worship Service at 8:30 AM

Sep 18 - Parents Night Out, 6:00-9:00 PM

Oct 6 - Nursing Home Worship Service, 3:30 PM

Oct 13 - 9th Annual Women’s Fall Retreat at Stanton’s White Barn,
              12:00-2:30 PM, “Let Prayer Define You”

Oct 20 - Early Worship Service at 8:30 AM

Hearing assisted monitors are available.  Please see an usher.